Monday, February 22, 2010

Stocking Rings

I have been thinking for a while about how to make more interesting rings or hoops, especially since so many people use them at work and I can't always find them when I want them. Then I just got the idea of using some cheap old stockings, filling them with crushed supermarket bags and sewing the ends together. They feel great inside the palms. I tried them out briefly today, but the weather was so nice-the focus was on trail rides. However, I can see that these rings force children to use both hands much more than the hard plastic rings. I had a couple of children work on motor planning to put a ring (they are stretchy) over the head and down to their waist and then up and over again. I think that this can be a great activity to help children motor plan the steps required for dressing.
I am also thinking that a very high functioning child might be able to put this over her head while standing on top of the horse, and then bring it all way down to her feet, grasp the circingle handle and step out of it. I know that this sounds really challenging but occasionally I have children who can do something this challenging.

For example, one of my most coordinated children today stood on top of the horse while I held her hand and took turns stepping onto the left and right squeaky dog toys sewn onto this pillow. It was fun.


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