Saturday, February 20, 2010


Karma Anais said...

You can easily make these poles with large coffee cans, quikcrete concrete and PVC cut to the height you want. The can also be made in a variety of heights for smaller and larger horses or more and less reach. It looked like the young man steering through the poles was part of a therapeutic riding lesson and not hippotherapy though, can't image that he needs 1:1 treatment with a therapist if he can ride that well ;-)

Thanks Karma,
I agree it looks like a therapeutic riding session. Thank-you for the directions to construct the pole activity.
I am always right next to the child while doing hippotherapy, usually with a hand on or near the belt even if the child doesn't really need the help. Sometimes I work with children who I think should be taking therapeutic riding lessons or even be in a group to work on social skills, rather than do hippotherapy- but I don't make those decisions at my current job. It seems that if the insurance or parent pays- then I do hippotherapy, but 99% of the time the therapy is appropriate. I had one client a 5 year old with charcot tooth syndrome who had lower extremity weakness and decreased rom and we worked a lot on strengthening her legs. She could have done that weaving around poles activity and lot more without my assistance. It was a lot of fun to have someone so capable of learning vaulting moves such as half flag (which was a struggle due to the weakness).

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