Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This two year old did great following directions and repeating words. I figured out that she wouldn't repeat words unless I moved the holder out of her range, so that she had to repeat the color before I brought it closer for her to insert the pin inside. She seemed interested in naming colors, so that's what I worked on to evoke speech.  When finished she did great putting the pins inside the storage container.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am a hippotherapy/therapeutic riding book junkie, so am delighted to add this resource to my collection. This book is a compilation of yoga like poses with clear directions on how to assume and hold them, breath, how many times to repeat movements and what the benefits are.
I work with very young children who would probably not understand the photographs, but therapists can use this book with older children to assist in explaining the poses and make a copy to practice a special pose at home. I envision children with motor planning impairments and decreased strength using these activities to increase motor skills and body awareness.Certainly, riders seeking to reduce pain will find this book helpful and the instructor can tailor these poses according to the individual's diagnosis or goals. My back feels better, just from looking at the photos!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vibrating ring Stack

I made this vibrating ring stack by push the motorized pen into a swimming noodle (throwing away the pen point). I knit a holder that the noodle is inside of out of trash bags but one can come up with an easier way to rig this up so that its attached to the tack. Maybe just tie something around it and attach a clip.
The kids all loved this, it really holds their attention and quite a few said "more". It tends to require using both hands, one stabilizing while the other places the ring. One girl stood on top of the horse reaching high to grasp the ring and then squatting to place it over the noodle.