Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Feed the Therapist

Wanting to do something related to thanksgiving during hippotherapy with my little clients, I had my husband take a photo of me with my mouth open. Then I placed 2 of the same photo on 2 sides of the cider jug. One has a large hole cut out of the mouth area and the other has a smaller hole that requires positioning the folded paper in a vertical position to fit through the opening. I attached the photos with clear contact paper.  
I printed pictures of yams, potatoes, cider, turkey and pumpkin pie. I forgot the cranberry sauce. The children loved folding or pushing the pictures through the opening to "feed the therapist". Either way, it was a great fine-motor activity.
I cut an opening near the bottom of the bottle to remove the pictures and the motor from an electric toothbrush. Some children wanted the bottle to shake, some did not.