Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rolling Ball to make squeaks while Kneeling and more.....

I love bringing in different activities to try out. I set up a pole with a bottle attached on the trail. I filled it with a variety of textured balls and asked each child to reach for them while facing backwards on the horse. They needed to insert the balls into the pink bag hooked onto the tack behind them. The video shows my client opening and closing the pin bag's zipper as I set up the activity.

This was a fairly easy activity which all of my 2-4 year old clients could do with very little help. I designed the ring stack made out the blue swimming noodle to provide a bit more challenge than the usual ring stack - since they have to make the rings fit over the noodle's curves in order for it to go down. You can see the client working on this, although the computer won't let me rotate the photo. She loved the feel of the vibrator that I pushed into the noodle opening. Its the motor from the Squiggly Wiggly pen.  I also attached some fabric through the handle with a blue noodle doughnut shape tied to each end.  I asked them to help me tie a knot to get it out of the way- which they all did very nicely.. ..

The last activity was rolling the ball in the hands to make it squeak. I counted as the children rolled. The girl in the video is kneeling while doing this and I just turned the camera on as she reached 23 or 24. She really enjoyed doing this !!!

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