Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cone and Stringing Activities to Develop Postural Control

 I hung the cone holder that a nice man at Trader Joe's store allowed me to have. It is used for holding flowers but is also perfect for hanging cones in the tree. So while riding down the trail, the children stopped next to the cones. Then I attached the holder inside one of the stirrups while the child faced sideways (facing me).

The first little guy in the video seemed to really enjoy reaching from his left side , rotating his trunk and placing the cone behind his right shoulder. The little girl is facing backwards while doing this. You can see how nicely this challenges their balance, motor planning and postural control and its a lot of fun, too !

The other activity came out a bit blurry but I want to share it anyway, because it provided a nice challenge for a little girl who has pretty good motor skills.

She loved it and asked to repeat the activity, so she did this while kneeling after stringing the shapes while standing on top of the horse.

I attached the end of the cord to a sensory ring- made by filling socks with plastic bags and sewing the ends.

She first brought this over her head with a little help and down to her waist. Then she stood up on the horse and did the stringing activity. She was able to remove the sensory ring independently after sitting down.

All of these clients are almost 3 years old and I am so proud of them !

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