Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vibrating Cone Stack

Here is a pile of today's toys!

 I mostly used the vibrating cone stack, but I decided to turn this into a 2 part activity. First the children needed to remove the rings that I cut from the top of detergent bottles. They are pretty  flexible and sometimes break but if they do break, that's OK, its easy to get more.

I asked the children to place the rings in a basket attached to the tack behind them.

The child in the photo and video is facing backwards on the horse.

 After removing the rings she reaches for a cone to stack on top of the cone that is attached to the tan door snake (these are sold to place under doors to keep out cold air).

 There is a green massager hidden inside the cone attached to the snake, so when they press downward it vibrates. This seemed like a good way to not only motivate but to build strength because they really needed to push.

I wish that I had a photo of the client  who stood on top of the horse to reach for the cones and then squatted to stack them up. She did this about 20 times which amazed me because she often refuses to stand on the horse at all. The secret is in providing exciting activities :-)

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