Friday, July 30, 2010

Tall basketball hoop for trunk rotation

I like how the child is facing  backwards and using a tall basketball hoop that promotes trunk rotation.


  1. I just did that with a kiddo yesterday. He has gravitational insecurity, but tolerated sitting backwards, leaning over, and tossing a ball into a basketball hoop for 10 minutes--and wanted more! Our basketball hoop is much shorter than the one in the video, and I positioned the horse further back so he had to rotate his trunk nearly to the end of his range to make the hoop.

    Is the leader behind the horse? What do you think about that? How well can she control such long reins? I'd prefer to have the leader near the horse's head to control the bridle if necessary, for safety issues.

  2. I prefer having the leader also controlling the horse at the mouth. We don't use a bridle but the chain works. but therapists tell me that they love the long lining becasue the horse is in a better position without the head pulling downward and that helps the child's posture. I have not worked with long lining so can't really say. thanks for your thoughts.