Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finding Horseshoes

Finally a cool, drizzly day, my favorite weather for working outdoors.

I cut some horse shoe shapes out of plastic orange juice and laundry bottles and placed them along the edges of the trail. These were perfect because I don't care if they get lost-they are so easy to replace. One little girl immediately got excited when she saw them, pulled the reins to stop and I handed them to her to place in the folding basket attached to the tack. She posted to reach for them on the mane and tolerated lying down supine while grasping the toy and doing a sit-up before placing them in the basket. This was great because she ordinarily does not like to do sit-ups and will use her elbows to make it easier, but couldn't "cheat" with the elbow trick while grasping the toy. This gave me the idea of incorporating sit-ups into the "pull the clothespins off the mane" game. A different girl lied supine, sat up , then reached for the pins on the mane, inserting them into the basket, repeating the entire sequence about 8 times. We both found this a lot more fun than doing plain old sit-ups.

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