Monday, March 29, 2010

My toy Corner

Here is an example of my day's toy corner items placed on top of my toy box. The cardboard box has a puzzle attached to the bottom section and the box cover has the puzzle pieces attached with velcro. A client stood on top of the horse today as I held up the box cover for her to pull puzzle pieces off. Next I put the box back down on the withers so that she could squat while placing the shape into the puzzle board.
I positioned a child on the withers facing backwards with the blue hippity hop ball in front of her. She was able to grasp the handle as I pushed the ball toward her trunk. After she relaxed a bit her muscle tone decreased and she was able to abduct to sit on the horse's back. Then I was able to position her legs into long leg and cross leg sit. She is an excellent worker and loves hippotherapy.
Another child stood on top of the horse and pulled all the toys off the red Velcro bottle (shown in the photo) and insert them inside. Then she did around the world while still standing on top of the horse and also maintained good posture while the horse walked (we gave a lot of support at the belt).

Barbara Smith, M.S., OTR/L

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