Monday, August 8, 2011

The client who  was resistant to prone positioning last week, asked to do so today! It was a challenge to teach her how to extend her head and arms like superman while I counted to 10, but she understood what I wanted and held the position briefly independently. Maybe next time we can add leg extension to fly!

 I printed these vehicle pictures off the internet and covered them with contact paper to make them sturdy. I had a 7 year old boy with autism in mind when making these, knowing that he likes trucks, tractors, airplanes, wagons etc. But actually these were great in getting the little girl to articulate some S and F sounds when inserting the fire truck and snow shovel pictures. I am also working on teaching them to fold them in half in order to make them fit through the opening.

It was a very good day for a client who gets easily agitated. I am working on gentle pats and rubs rather than slapping the pony and time spent squeezing a puff ball seemed to help too him to be nice to the pony, too. He enjoys being on his belly and when finished and sitting up again he followed directions to ask "give me the ball please" of the longest sentences I can recall hearing him use.

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