Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shadowing therapist

It was fun having a new therapist shadow today and it turned out that she had previously worked with my new almost 2 year old client. He did very well as long as we kept moving and he also tolerated being stationary while popping bubbles.
The highlight of the day was having a two year old stand on top of the horse as she manipulating the velcro bottle. This involves grasping the bottle handle with one hand, pulling toys off with the other and inserting them inside. She has done this before while sitting but it was a first having her do it while standing. I love seeing kids do this while standing on top because the fine motor activity takes their attention off the fact that they are standing on a horse and they seem to realize that I am so busy keeping my hands on them that they are more willing to do the activity without any help from me. 

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