Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Two more therapists shadowed me today, actually one led the horse and the other side walked as part of their training. I was amazed that my 2 year old with athetosis is getting so strong - he can sit grasping the handle with enough control for me to briefly take my hands off his shoulders and trunk and just press down on his thigh. Two months ago I had to wrap my arms around his shoulders to stop his arms and trunk  from flailing.Maybe he just likes it more and is cooperating, hard to tell.   His mom told me that the PT is working on maintaining a quadruped position (on  the floor and since I had a PT side walker-decided to give it a try. He cried but did hold a quadruped position with horse stationary . The PT held his hands on the anticast handle, some support under his chest while I held his legs in position-for about 10 seconds. It was awesome!

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