Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vacation yeah!

I will be away from work for 3 weeks taking a very much needed vacation. Winter is very tough because I already live 45 minutes away, but with bad weather many kids cancel. Then the facility rearranges my schedule and I end up working very few hours, not worth the commute. In addition, I end up inside a small, noisy, crowded indoor (heated) arena where my kids become even more distracted and overloaded. I need to analyze whether or not to take the winter off.

On another note. My editor has given me a list of photos that I need of young children doing various activities such as ring stack, wheelbarrow walking and using a pincer to pick up cereal... If anyone out in cyberspace has a young child of the right age and take a photograph doing what I need, you can have your child's photo in a best selling book (I hope best selling).The book is a parent's guide to developing hand skills and to be published by Therapro, Inc.
I am especially looking for photos of non Caucasian children to add more diversity. If you can help me thanks sooooooo much.

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