Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Cold Ring Stack

During this hot weather, I peak into the freezer at work to see what I can use. I found these frozen treats bought for the campers and borrowed them to use as ring stacks. They lasted just long enough , about 5 minutes in an activity before my volunteer returned them to the freezer.

This little girl loved it. she stood on top of the horse, squatting to pick up each ring. I held the bottom of the "stack" while she pushed the rings down. I think that she just enjoyed the novelty. I was not able to control the camera and work with her while standing at the same time, so just filmed her sitting to stack the rings.

 I saw a little boy smile for the first time when I gave him this to hold. I have only worked with him 4 times, so I am sure there will be plenty more smiles to come.

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