Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Allergy Day on the Farm

I knew that my allergies would be bad today so I decided to make an activity that would help me and at the same time teach some skills. I ripped a large amount of tissues in half and put them into a bag clipped to one side of the horse. I tied a plastic bag on the other side to put the trash. the children semed to enjoy helping me out as I worked on the following skills:
  • Following directions- to take out 1,2, or 3 pieces of tissue
  • answering questions to " what am I wiping, what is this called (tissue) and what am I cleaning (hands). I also asked what comes out of the nose  (buggers).
  • sequencing- one 3 year old independentlh pulled the reins to stop, took out a tissue, wiped her face and put it in the trash bag. She had some drool on her face and decided to wipe it!
  • reaching out of base of support for tissues and cleaner while facing forwards, sideways and backwards.
  • manipulation skills to pull the wipes out while stabilizing the container.One girl helped tie the know on the trash bag and threw it into a barrel.
  • toleration of sensory input to hand wipes

I that hope that I feel better next week and don't need to do this activity again, but it was novel and fun and I realized that the one client who drools would benefit from eminders to wipe and become inde

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