Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A very good language day

Although I am an OT, I spend a lot of time working on speech, taking advantage of all the sensory stim. Today a little guy with autism who has never spoken to me (he uses a few words with his family) said "bye baby" when I had him velcro a small animal picture onto a large animal picture. He has finally figured out that when the horse stops and I ask him to say go, he needs to make some type of sound, any sound at all and he was pretty good at patting his hand on the mouth going wha wha wha.
A little girl with a neuromuscular disorder has increased her tolerance in only 3 weeks to sitting upright the full session. I realize that her head control is pretty good facing forwards and sideways but really a struggle while facing backwards, even with the pilllow to bear weight on. That gravity is really a challenge. I am going to avoid having her face backwards until I see her head control improve or maybe try stacking 2 boppy pillows in front of her.   

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