Monday, November 8, 2010


kjo0521 said...

I really enjoyed reading the blogs discussing the application and use of hippo therapy. I am a OT student in upstate NY and have been involved with horses most of my life. I have participated and volunteered at several programs, and one thing I would like to see changed or improved is the activities included in these programs, to increase the amount at which therapists challenge or push the individual. Many programs allow the individual to walk around on the horse, but I would love to someday run a program which challenges horse and rider. I believe the application of hippo therapy and the activites come with experience, while at first I may also be worried about someone falling off, however I think to get a true therapeutic experience, new challenging activities must be included

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  1. Best of luck with your future endeavor running a hippotherapy program. You are very lucky to have that horse background. I learned everything from scratch when I started almost 5 years ago, but it has been exciting to learn something so different and so effective (and fun). I guess doing hippotherapy is like any other experience with a new treatment tool- we get better with practice and confidence.