Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Survived another heat wave day on the farm.I have a new 2 year old boy who is cute and sweet but physically exhausting. He is athetoid and flailing so much I have to hold his shoulders in place so that he doesn't inadvertently whack me while I am also trying to keep his hands down on the handle or mane. I also did this while he faced backwards. He actually tolerated facing BW and side ways pretty well but still it is physically tough for me to maintain him in a stable position. It was better with the volunteer stabilizing one shoulder and hand over the croup while I held onto his  leg and gait belt as he alternated between putting weight on his hands and lying down- which seems like pretty good exercise in itself. He also briefly tolerated prone over the horse's barrel. This child did not seem happy during any of this touch - so tactile defensive but his parents said that he yells and cries throughout his other therapies. He didn't cry with me -so I guess the hippotherapy is the least aversive. Hopefully, it will become fun. I am so into having fun......

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