Saturday, May 1, 2010

I totally enjoyed the scenery, music and activities in this video even though most of them are not wearing helmets. I love seeing the little girl standing on top of the horse reaching for something (not sure what) in the tree. Where I work the trees are too high and we are not allowed to hang suspended activities, but it would be awesome!


  1. Since this is in South America they have different safety standards and access to safety equipment. However, there are still some serious safety issues with backriding and being mounted without a helmet! I too, found the little girl standing interesting, but for different reasons- the horse was standing still!

  2. Thank you for posting this video. The handler and therapist look professional and the recipients look happy and safe. My daughter has only had back riders aid her on her hippo-therapy sessions. It has brought her so much joy, saved her from more surgeries, and taken her where her legs would not. Back riding has similar benefits comparable to kangaroo care. My daughter has not been able to were a helmet due to her tone and reflexes, she has cerebral palsy. Horse back riding has opened a door to another world for her and helped her have dreams with out limits. We are so grateful for horse therapy and all the gains she has made on her horse.

  3. Thanks for your insight Ivana. Several parents and therapists have told me that backriding has helped a lot-since they can support the child's body so much better while sitting behind the child. I have used very soft (cloth ) helmets on children who do not tolerate hard ones. they provide a bit more safety than wearing nothing. I have also met therapists who do not use any helmets for the reason you describe. But there is always that liability issue if the child falls, so I wouldn't allow that where I work. So glad to hear how hippotheray helps......,