Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stand for a ring

Only three children came due to the storm. I used a natural ride tack instead of the usual anticast that has a larger handle. I usually prefer the anticast because the attached stirrups work well and the natural ride (where I work) comes with clumsy boots that children have difficulty keeping their feet insid. But with the small natural ride handle- it was much easier for children to transition from facing forwards, to sideways and backwards. The other huge benefit of the smaller handle was seen when a little girl with CP went into a quadruped and then kneeling position. I had thought it would be easier to do this while grasping the larger handle, but with the smaller handle she didn't try to put all her trunk weight on it and instead put weight on her hands and arms.
We don't have any suspended or high objects where I work. I hold up materials for all reaching activities. This video shows how useful a simple stand that holds a ring can be.

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