Monday, May 18, 2009

Weight bearing using squeaky ball

Many successes today but one of my little early intervention kids is turning three and leaving, so sad. One little guy who has been crying for about 6 weeks is finally starting to enjoy the sessions. I thought that he was so terrified I suggested that he stop but am now glad his mother persisted. He is singing along with me, imitating animals sounds and tolerating position changes.

This little guy is showing me that he is strong enough to push down on the ball to make it squeak. He actually can do this, but I often help kids with the squeezing, using the activity to motivate weight bearing and have fun while sitting facing backwards. It also works on balance since they are pushing on such a small area.

I came up with a great jig for teaching how to string donut shapes. The photos didn't come out well, so hope to have another go at it soon.
Barbara Smith, M.S., OTR/L author of, The Recycling Occupational Therapist

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